For new Experiences Lopota Adventure Center offers various tours and activities!

Horseback Riding Tours

Get fulfilled with the euphoria of peace and happiness while riding horses in our beautiful nature. We offer horse riding routes of different lengths and complexities, both within our area and beyond. Enjoy the views of the Alazani Valley.

Quad Bike Tours

There are many ways to travel along a beautiful landscape of Kakhet but only with us you can do it on quad bikes! Quad-tours are extreme, full of nature’s and historical sights. This is a truly memorable adventure. Feel the adrenaline rush and explore the area around Lopota.Our tours differ from each other in their complexity and duration.


Lake Lopota is rich in flora and fauna, typical for a pond water: it is home to carp, sturgeon, catfish and many other species of fish. Pick up a fishing rod at the Adventure Center and head to the waterfront booths, or enjoy fishing from water bikes. Got any luck? Your booty will be cooked at the Kakhetian Corner, or you can release the caught fish into the water. Legend has it that a giant sturgeon inhabits in the depths of Lake Lopota and it remains the main interest for the fishermen.


There are so many things to see around even cycling along is not just pleasant time but already an adventure. Follow the lake paths, continue your way to fields full of scents of flowers and grasses, walk around the vineyards and climb the row of chestnut trees in front of our stall.
Nothing compares to cycling in golden rays of sunset.

Water bike ride

The lake is a unique and the main part of our resort - with a water bike you can find yourself in the middle of the lake, enjoy the spectacular views, enjoy the warmth of the sun, relax while birds are chirping and let the water take your stress away. You can even feed our favorite birds living on the lake and take photos.

Wine Tours

In Château Buera we revive the ancient traditions of winemaking. Our tours offer you to get to know years-long tradition of winemaking and taste wines with a professional sommelier.

Tennis Court

Playing tennis on the courts surrounded by the Caucasus mountains has a unique appeal. Hard courts are ideal for any type of player - for professionals, as well as for amateurs.

Mini basketball and football stadiums

Mix relaxation and an active, healthy lifestyle. Outdoor mini-fields for football and basketball are the best opportunity to engage in team sports and stay at breath some fresh air. You can also have fun while playing table tennis. Enjoy and forget about stress in our sports spaces.

Kids Club

The one of the main elements of our hospitality is creating maximum of comfort for guests who are traveling with children. Both open and indoor spaces of Lopota Kids Club are full of bright colors, playing areas and equipment and eco-friendly toys. The little ones love to be here and spend time with our caring babysitters happily and safely, while parents are given the opportunity to stay alone and be adventurous.

Hiking Tours

Get adventurous, by getingt even closer to the wildlife through our hiking tours. Explore the hiking trails and get fulfilled with impressions. Walk through the forest full of various trees and plants, enjoy the beautiful nature of the Alazani Valley from the mountain and breathe in pure air full of oxygen. All the walks will be surround by historic sights.
We arrange tours for beginners, experienced hikers and extreme lovers.

Expedition Tours

Eastern Georgia offers lots of interesting experiences for lovers of history, culture and nature. Our expedition tours consist of impressive list of places to visit.

Tour 1
Vashlovani National Park is located in eastern Georgia andit covers 10,143 hectares. 

Tour 2
Tusheti, located in the northeastern part of Georgia, is famous for its alpine meadows, picturesque views and unique medieval architecture. Travel to Tusheti for a two-day jeep tour and discover the real treasures of the Caucasus.

Air Tours

Look at Kakheti from the sky and try breathtaking air tours. Our helicopter will fly you over the alpine meadows of Tusheti, our air balloon will show you the Alazani Valley from above. Lopota’s adventures will fill you with happiness.
We can also offer a half hour air tour above the resort area.
* Please note that air tours depend on the weather conditions

Artificial Ice Rink

The artificial ice rink makes the adventure at Lopota even more diverse. It is a favorite location for children.