Handcrafted Hospitality

Lopota Lake Resort & Spa is located in the heart of Kakheti region. It spreads around the lake and is surrounded by picturesque Caucasus Mountains. In a two-hour drive from the capital, the 60-hectare resort offers guests divers impressions during all of the four seasons. Environment here is full of scrupulous and important details. Your host here is the family, you feel its sincere care, personal approach and attentiveness. In Lopota, guests stay in high-class hotel cottages, they enjoy Georgian, European and Asian cuisine, taste exclusive Georgian wine and learn about its traditions. Guests can relax at the forest spa, take part in sports or adventure activities, discover the local flora and fauna. This is the rare place where comfortable rest can be interacted with nature: you will discover different animals or birds living in this biodiverse environment; along with naturally occurring plants, you will see vegetable gardens with healthy products and an orangery for growing organic vegetable seeds. Lopota is for family, individual, romantic, friends’ or corporate vacation. Here everyone will find what they expect a perfect vacation to be.

A story that has become a legend

The history of Lopota Spa Resort arises from a dream of a courageous man, in combination with hard work and theThe infrastructure diversity of local nature. It all started in 2008. Back then building a hotel on one of the forgotten lakes in Kakheti seemed to be an idea doomed for failure. Nonetheless, the founder of Lopota Resort, Goga Maisuradze, with his far-reaching plans managed to turn Lopota into an important touristic destination and put in on the world’s touristic map. It all started with a 7-room family hotel, and step by step has became a unique resort and a special space - with premium quality service and impressive infrastructure, 311 rooms, a great choice of health facilities, gyms, spas, restaurants, horses and vineyards. Despite the current scale of the hotel the warm and hospitable atmosphere of the family hotel still is its unique feature.

The infrastructure of the hotel blends harmoniously with the nature and emphasizes its landscapes’ beauty. This is quite a huge resort where you can always find a quiet place just for you. This calmness and safety bring happiness to our guests. Here you will meet Bobby - our favorite German Shepherd, who grew up on Lopota since he was a puppy and he is an important part of Lopota's history. For the founder of the resort, Goga Maisuradze, Lopota was so much more than just a business venture. He took care of the hotel without rest, literary every stone was selected by him personally. He paid attention to every feedback to finally offer our guests a flawless experience. Before his decease, that happened not so long ago, Goga constantly filled the resort with his positivity and hospitable spirit. His distinctive legacy lives on — Goga's family continue their loving care for Lopota 's guests, they work for the resort’s further growth, to share all the kindness with others in the best traditions of Georgian hospitality. The most important thing for us is to turn time you spend here into an unforgettable memory.

About Château Buera

Château Buera and its winery have become an integral part of the resort. A distinctive place for wine lovers – expanded vineyards, winemaking and a fabulous Renaissance-style palace. Château Buera Winery was founded in 2018 by Goga Maisuradze, the founder of Lopota Spa Resort. As a dedicated wine entrepreneur, he believed in the great potential of Georgian wine. The winery is now managed by his family together with a team of young and motivated people.

Our team

At Lopota each employee is your personal host – our hand-crafted hostpitality is in hands of our team and each of the team member plays a special role. Our corporate culture is to create happy moments and positive experience and it is fulfilled with care and love of our team. Our growing family, which currently counts more than 300 members, is so distinguished thanks to diverse personalities. Some of them are with us from the very first days - they are part of the history of Lopota and even hold the title of honorary Lopota citizen, or “lopoteli” in Georgian. We have new team members involved in bringing novelties and innovation, they create the new chapter in Lopota’s life. We believe that we are engaged in a great work, such an approach to guests will always be appreciated.

Autumn at Lopota

The Autumn spirit is  coloring each path, meadow and hill with a myriad of colours.

A story that has become a legend

 15  Years of Success!