Ceramic Sculptures Symposium “Bird of Paradise 2023”

Lopota Lake Resort & Spa is hosting the International Garden-Park Ceramic Sculptures Symposium “Bird of Paradise 2023”

Handcrafted Hospitality – artists from all around the world will create new ceramic artwork at Lopota

On May 15-28, Lopota Lake Resort & Spa and Creative Ceramic Studio WHITE Studio held the International Symposium of Garden-park Ceramic Sculptures “Bird of Paradise” 2023 in Georgia, with the help of TBC as a general sponsor.
During the project, the artwork was created by the best Georgian and foreign artists from 9 different countries. Upon completion, sculptures will take their authentic place in the Lopota Lake Resort & Spa territory and stay there for everyone to see anytime.

The symposium is based on a passionate idea that was born many years ago. The wish
to decorate Lopota with ceramic sculptures belonged to Goga Maisuradze – the resort’s
late founder. The first event’s success in 2022 prompted us to dedicate this
spring to creating ceramic sculptures in a more versatile way. The symposium will take place annually and give birth to magnificent creations.

In the framework of the International Symposium Lopota hosted workshops of Georgian and international artists on May 24, 25,26. On May 27, artists displayed their artwork at the closing ceremony

>Masterclass in creating Rakus bowls through Japanese burning and painting method + performance was organized in which guests participated in the burning and painting processes. “Meditation with Clay” was a unique art therapy workshop with participants engaging in the creative meditation in the open air. Furthermore, guests deepened their knowledge about ceramics texture techniques, methods and got the opportunity to paint over their own creations. Another unique workshop `Saggar firing` – for amateur and professional ceramics artists deserves an emphasis as guests learned clay burning and painting techniques. The symposium was finished with an official closing ceremony – Exhibition of artwork created by the participating artists at Lopota

13 artists participated in the project:

• Mehmet Tüzüm KIZILCAN (Turkey)
• Shamai Sam Gibsh (Israel)
• Naidee Changmoh (Thailand)
• Katharina Böttcher (Germany)
• Shanyar Abdullah Salman ALGARAD (Iraq)
• Sandra Ban (Croatia)
• Silvia Ranchicchio (Italy)
• Antonio Buonfiglio (Italy)
• Ilze Emse-Grīnberga (Latvia)
• Puridon Pimsan (Thailand)
• Nato Eristavi (Georgia)
• Otar Vepkhvadze (Georgia)
• Malkhaz Shvelidze (Georgia)

The initial goal of the symposium was to connect artists interested in this branch of the arts with each other, to support the growth of Georgia’s touristic potential by inviting international experts, introduce visitors to the art-making process, offer masterclasses and exhibitions of well-known artists.
TBC bank was the general sponsor of the symposium.