Château Buera is a distinctive place for wine lovers – expanded vineyards, winemaking and a fabulous Renaissance-style palace. This is a place where modernity and ancient traditions of winemaking meet in harmony. Guests can taste locally produced high-quality wine, visit the wine cellar and learn interesting stories and facts about winemaking. They can try dishes that go perfectly with wine and enjoy breathtaking views of the Caucasus. The open or indoor spaces of the Château Buera allow you to celebrate important dates or arrange events. The base of our high-quality wine production is well-groomed vineyards. Château Buera vineyards in the Napareuli microzone are located on alluvial, rocky soils of the northern slope. Château Buera’s philosophy of winemaking is based on the preservation of nature, respect for the soil, and the harmonious relationships of humans and ground.


In Château Buera we revive the ancient traditions of winemaking. Our tours offer you to get to know years-long tradition of winemaking and taste wines with a professional sommelier.


At the Château Buera Palace restaurant has both a cozy lounge area and an open terrace. Here you can taste our chefs’ wine-tailored menu and locally produced wines. You can also plan parties and events.
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