Château Buera Traditional Sparkling Wine Tour

The wine tour includes a tour of the three-section cellar of Château Buera. In each section is dedicated to different processes and different types of wine are made here. You can follow each process during our sommelier-led wine tour.

During the wine tour you will get information on the following topics: 8000-year history of traditional Georgian technology, the history of the creation of Chateau Buera, classic and traditional wines, bottled method of making sparkling wine ( méthode champenoise ), aging wine in French oak barrels.


>Sparkling Wine Brut 2019 (méthode champenoise )

>Orbeluri Rosé Semi-Dry 2019

>Rosé Semi-Dry 2019

>Saperavi semi-sweet 2021

Wine snacks: (guest can choose one of the options)

Dessert board

Nuts, walnuts, tklapi, churchkhela, dried prunes, dried apricots, dried apples, honey, dates.

Cherry and almond tart with ice cream

Brownie with vanilla ice cream

Price: 1 person - 150 GEL

Guests can take an extra board during any tour, please see the prices for 5 guests:

Cheese board - 50 GEL

Meat board - 55 GEL

Bruschetta board - 55 GEL

Snack board - 50 GEL

Antipasto board - 65 GEL

Château Buera Traditional Sparkling Wine Tour



Price per person:

200₾ per person


Max. visitors:


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