Slavic Bath


1. Aromatic steam
With the help of a fan, the steam is gently and evenly distributed throughout the steam room without creating scalding or cold zones. It warms all parts of the body in the best possible way.
10 minutes

2. Slavic steaming
One of the best ways to improve and maintain the youth of the whole body
10 minutes

3. Steaming in the hay
On a shelf covered with hay, soft steaming is carried out, which has a softening and aromatherapy effect.
25 minutes

4. Citrus vapor
Tonic steaming with oak brooms improves blood circulation, enhances metabolism, and thanks to rubbing with citruses, the skin is saturated with natural vitamins.
25 minutes

5. Taiga steaming (in contrast)
When steaming, cold fir brooms are used under the head and on the head. Essential oils of fir have tonic, strengthening, anti-inflammatory properties.
115 GEL

1. Salt peeling
Perfectly cleanses the skin, removes slags and toxins. Improves blood circulation
20 minutes

2. Honey application
This is an amazing way of therapy and reflexology. A general tonic based on the therapeutic effect of bee honey.
65 GEL
20 minutes
3. Soapy massage with birch brooms
Massage is carried out with a birch broom. It gives an excellent cleansing effect. Used in combination with soap, it relieves fatigue and gives pleasure.
20 minutes

4. Slavic spa with French cosmetics (La Sultane de Saba )
Body cleansing with eucalyptus black soap in the steam room. After steaming, a moisturizing and nourishing cream (or oil) is applied to the skin.
30 minutes

1. Herbal barrel
The font is filled with a warm infusion of herbs. While in the barrel, the effect of medicinal herbs on the human body is much more intense and targeted.
30 minutes

2. Citrus font
The skin is nourished with vitamin C, and dead cells are removed by fruit acids. Fir has a tonic and calming effect. Fir baths improve mood.
30 minutes