Embraced by evergreen woods, Lopota Lake is an ideal place to escape the hectic urban routine and relax in a pure tranquility. Take a breath of fresh forest air, enjoy spectacular views to the Caucasus mountains, go through different kinds of unique treatments tailored to your needs and discover the key to well-being.

Slavic Bath

Slavic bath, offering unique invigorating thermal treatments that improve blood circulation, soften and smoothen the skin and help losing weight is a perfect spot to visit and boost your immune system.

Lopota Forest Spa

Discover your corner of paradise at Lopota Lake! Lopota Forest Spa, embraced by woods and having stunning panoramic views to Lopota Lake is one of the most exotic must-visit places for those who seek a tranquil environment for pure zen relaxation.

Outdoor Swimming Pools

Swimming & floating in our outdoor pools, spending time outside in nature, and having fun & tan with friends and family – what else could you wish for a perfect holiday on hot summer days?

Indoor Swimming Pool

On a cold winter day, floating in our indoor swimming pool while enjoying beautiful views to evergreen Lopota mountains is a great way to step away from hectic urban lifestyle and enjoy your time in pure tranquility.


Sauna is not simply a place to relax and unwind. Steam is a natural stress reliever that improves blood flow, cleans the skin, loosens stiff joints, burns calories, flushes toxins, induces deep sleep and melts away anxiety.

Fintess Center

Regular or occasional, exercise is essential to living a happy and healthy life. Take care of your body, head to our fitness center even for a quick workout, relieve stress and keep in robust health.