Lopota’s natural biodiversity and variety of health facilities is all you need to discover unique procedures for the renovation of your body and mind. To relax from our life’s crazy rhythm you have several options to choose from: a mountain forest spa with the high-quality procedures, a Slavic bath, an indoor or outdoor pool, a sauna and a gym - visit, relax and enjoy.

Slavic Bath

Visit our Slavic bath – this pleasant and cozy environment is made for your relaxation and therapy. Oak branch thermal procedure cleanses and heals the skin. Slavic bath procedures help to boost immunity and improve blood circulation.

Lopota Forest Spa

Ecotherapy on the slope of the lake. Hidden in the green surroundings, Lopota’s forest spa with panoramic views is a place to be for those who are looking for relaxation of their body and mind and to get rest from the hectic days and enjoy peaceful time. Here you will find a variety of healing procedures for body and mind relaxation.

Outdoor Swimming Pools

For the maximum comfort of our guests, we have outdoor swimming pools near all buildings.  The resort offers 5 large outdoor swimming pools, two of which have children's zones. Enjoy our refreshing cocktails, sunbathe and visit our poolside bungalows for delicious snacks.

Indoor Swimming Pool

On a cold winter day, floating in our indoor swimming pool while enjoying beautiful views to evergreen Lopota mountains is a great way to step away from hectic urban lifestyle and enjoy your time in pure tranquility.


Sauna is not simply a place to relax and unwind. Steam is a natural stress reliever that improves blood flow, cleans the skin, loosens stiff joints, burns calories, flushes toxins, induces deep sleep and melts away anxiety.

Fintess Center

Regular or occasional, exercise is essential to living a happy and healthy life. Take care of your body, head to our fitness center even for a quick workout, relieve stress and keep in robust health.