How to Eat Healthy from Lopota Chef

Today, healthy eating plays one of, if not the most important roles in the culinary world. How does this affect the quality of a kitchen?

That is very true, maintaining healthy food principles in a kitchen is very important. Modern people are much better informed and pay closer attention to the food they eat.

What is the core principle of healthy eating?
The first and foremost aspect of a healthy diet and kitchen is the quality of products. It is paramount to use fresh produce. The closer the used ingredients are grown, the better. We call this a Zero Mile system. When the produce is local it can be delivered to you quickly, hence it doesn’t need to be frozen or otherwise processed to endure long travel times. Vegetables are grown in our garden, the meat and dairy is delivered straight from the local farmers, the bread is baked in our Tone – that is why our kitchen is both healthy and tasty. The healthy, delicious produce grown on the local soil is what primarily determines the quality of our kitchen.

What other aspects should we pay attention to?
The second principle of no less importance, is how you prepare the food. One thing is having fresh produce, while the other is knowing how to cook it. What matters most is that the food retains its initial taste and the beneficial qualities. The Italian term Al dente identifies ideal consistency of the meal. In order to keep its natural taste and nutritional value the product shouldn’t be cooked longer than needed. For example, when preparing vegetables we should always keep in mind that it should be firm to the bite, and if the dish consists of various vegetables, you should be able to differentiate them and their taste. The same goes for seasoning, which should be applied in a way that it doesn’t outshine the initial flavors. We shouldn’t go overboard, and that’s another important aspect in gastronomy.

Festive days are coming, what is planned at Lopota Lake Resort & Spa?
Of course we will serve traditional Georgian dishes like Satsivi, variations of Pkhali, cheese plate and Mtsvadi grilled over the embers of grape vines. Our Kakhetian Corner will feature local dishes from the region and if you decide to spend your New Year’s Eve in Lopota, we definitely recommend starting off by tasting Georgian cuisine. Obviously these should be paired with the Kakhetian wines, there’s no such thing as a Georgian feast Supra without wine and especially during the New Year celebrations. We recommend pairing red wine with Mtsvadi and the whites with the appetizers.

Since you are here, you already know about the three other restaurants — the Oval Restaurant, which offers fusion cuisine, the restaurant serving buffet and Chateau Buera — a terraced castle surrounded by vineyards, which offers a 360 degree panoramic views, stretching from the Alazani Valley all the way to the snowcapped tips of the Caucasus. Apart from enjoying delicious food and wines, the Chateau offers an opportunity to learn about the whole winemaking process. The building was initially designed with this purpose in mind. The lower floor features a wine gallery and a tasting space. On the way from the ground-floor reservoirs to the cellar, you will come across a modern laboratory equipped with the most up-to-date technologies and where wines are meticulously tested to ensure the best quality. Our guide will lead you on this journey, who will share many interesting stories about Georgian wine.

What would you recommend for the hangover on January 1st, the hardest morning of the New Year?
The traditional Kakhetian soup of course, a veal broth mixed with greens, that is the best cure for a hangover.