Hiking as a way of life

In the modern world, hiking is one of the popular activities for both sports and relaxation. As a means of interacting with nature, getting some rest and relaxation as well as exercise and being physically active – hiking has become a lifestyle for many. Don’t confuse hiking in the mountains with mountaineering though, those are different and hiking is a lot simpler. It originated in the US and later established itself in Europe. Unlike traditional multi-day trekking expeditions, hiking involves returning home on the same day without an overnight. This means that it doesn’t require taking a vacation, not even a whole weekend. All you have to do is plan in a way that lets you devote a few hours to the physical and spiritual wellbeing. A walking adventure in the wilderness, parks, protected territories, designated routes and trails requires minimal effort. However, there are some guidelines that we recommend you follow:

Tip #1 — Choose the right route

Hiking routes are usually divided into three categories: Easy, Moderate and Strenuous. Naturally, beginners are discouraged from taking the advanced trails and in order to tackle the challenge, you should take at least three moderate level trails first. Afterwards you can go on and hike the strenuous ones.

Tip #2 — Get the right gear

Quality hiking gear isn’t cheap, but remember that these items are usually purchased only once, hence we don’t advise saving money at the expense of quality. Single quality purchase can serve you for a lifetime. Take into consideration that the clothes should be comfortable, while the footwear needs to be athletic featuring stiff soles. Some prefer high-cut leather boots. Remember that hiking shoes are not sneakers, as the latter have thin soles.

Tip #3 — Keep the essentials

A backpack, bottled water or a canteen, sunscreen and a first-aid kit – these are the hiking items that will come in handy.

Backpack – needs to be packed light;

Water Canteen — should be made of metal to maintain the right temperature, thermos flasks and other fragile equipment aren’t recommended.

Sunscreen — remember that you are prone to sunburns whilst out in the nature, hence it is essential to protect your skin. You could get sunburn during a hike even without noticing. If your chosen route goes through the mountain or uphill, you should apply sunscreen at least twice a day. Generally, you should always wear sunscreen, no matter the season.

Sunglasses — could be useful if you use this accessory.

A First-aid kit should be kept in a small pocket or a box, remember to have some bandages as well as Antihistamine drugs if you’re allergic.

If you are going on a full day hike, bring some food, preferably dry and wrapped in a way that won’t weigh you down. The Georgian Churchkhela is a suitable snack, as apart from being tasty it contains lots of healthy calories. It is advised to bring a thin, waterproof jacket and extra clothes with you, just in case. Have that in mind, especially if the forecast predicts changing weather conditions and you’re out for a full day walk.

Keep in mind: If you encounter bikers or cyclists along the trail, they have the right of way. As you know, motorcycle and bicycle speed is much faster than that of a hiker; hence, it is much easier for you to give them a way. The same works for animals, if you meet a team of horses, a herd of cows or a flock of sheep, just move to the side and let them pass. Don’t be afraid, these are peaceful creatures that won’t hurt you.

Lopota Lake Resort & Spa is perfect for hiking. The resort is nested in a forest, where you can head any time of the day for a few hours of stroll in the area. And if you’re planning to take a more serious hike, here are some routes to consider:
Before setting out on your journey, visit our adventure center to get the answers to all of your questions and receive qualified assistance.