For a Happier and Healthier Life

It is widely known that taking care of your health is firstly maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This process should not begin tomorrow or next Monday, after the New Year or on the first day of your vacation. Healthy lifestyle should be a part of your everyday life. Trust me, it is not that hard, all you have to do is follow a few principles and the words wishing “good health to you”, told by us or to us, will simply turn into an integral part of our lives.

The first and the most important principle that you should follow is physical activity. Don’t be mistaken into thinking that it is only good for your body, because physical activity is also reflected on your mental health and overall mood. Medical world has long concluded that physical and mental health should be considered as a whole, as part of a certain chain where everything is interrelated. Consider for instance, when are you prone to catching a cold easier? You will notice that usually that is the case when you are tired and overworked. And when do tired faster? – When you are least physically active. So remember that you should be spending at least forty minutes a day being physically active. It doesn’t matter much what you will pick, be it working out, swimming, walking or else, what matters most is that your muscles should be working and the blood circulation should be improved.

The second main principle is getting enough sunlight and taking a walk to breathe some fresh air. It is a known fact that lack of sunlight is one of the main reasons behind a bad mood, so remember the importance of spending time under the daylight on a daily basis. While in northern countries they even prescribe artificial light therapy for elevating one’s mood, we are in Georgia, where there is no need for this as we have more than enough sunny days even in the winter. We just need to go outside without chaining ourselves to the apartments or offices.

The third main principle is eating healthy. You must adhere to a few principles and as I said it should become your lifestyle rather than something to consider after the New Year or the next month. Eating healthy doesn’t mean saying no to your favorite dessert or eating only steamed vegetables. Not at all. You just need to try and erase the fast food places from your map, and remove the things like chips, cheap cookies and carbonated sweet drinks from your shopping list; the latter contain so much sugar that you could easily get more than the daily recommended allowance. Try to replace products containing preservatives with local produce and consume more seasonal fruits and vegetables. Also try to avoid an unpleasant evening surprise of realizing you ate much more than you wanted while sitting in front of your computer or TV. Forget other activities whilst eating and enjoy the taste, as a result you will fulfill your hunger faster and get more pleasure. Pay attention to the food you eat and make sure it is made from healthy products.

Water is the vital element. Drinking room temperature water first thing in the morning is highly recommended. Not only does it help you and your body to wake up, but it also ensures the proper functioning of internal organs. Doctors advise consuming at least 1.5 liters of water per day, but keep in mind that this doesn’t include tea, coffee and sweet drinks. Of course you can drink coffee too, but remember that every cup should be followed by a glass of water.

The fifth important principle and one of the main elements of a healthy lifestyle is sleep. Sleep patterns can have huge effects on your health and those suffering from insomnia should take special care. Remember that spending your day healthier, decreases the chances of suffering from sleeplessness, so, take a walk and breathe some fresh air, work out and be physically active.

With all that said, remember that you can treat yourself from time to time. I’d put water procedures on top of the list of health beneficial pleasures. Water has a highly positive effect on the human body and is equally great for relaxation as well as for gaining energy. Georgia is a country rich in water resorts, hence, the water spa therapies and procedures are very popular here. The capital of the county is built around the sulfur springs with the baths considered as one of the main attractions of the city.

Apart from the outdoor and indoor pools, “Lopota Lake Resort And Spa” offers traditional Slavic bath and a spa. Those who fancy water procedures will agree that spa therapies are like special rituals where every detail matters. For baths it is important to keep the right temperature and enrich the air with essential oils. The oak and elderberry broom baths also involve certain specifics, thus at Lopota Resort these procedures are made by a specially invited specialist. You can also enjoy a cold water pool that is filled with natural spring water. Overall, our spa is a real gem, a place where time stops. Its minimalist architecture blends perfectly with the landscape and the building is located on a hill offering incredible views.

We asked “Lopota Lake Resort and Spa” specialist Ms. Pikria Gogashvili to recommend two procedures for this festive season. Unsurprisingly the first one is a wine bath – a procedure that is equally healthy and pleasurable, and which is especially appropriate for the coming holidays. For those who feel their alcohol intake in the festive days was more than enough, she recommends an old Native American method for deep relaxation using the hot volcanic stones.