Wine Tours

Recent studies have pinned Georgia as the birthplace of wine, with an 8000-years-old artifact serving as the proof. Today, the ancient tradition of preparing wine in earthenware vessels called Qvevri has bloomed as never before. Such an interest in this particular wine is a part of an increasing popularity of tannin laden orange wines worldwide. Apart from being the nation's leading wine producing region, Kakheti is also home to the most popular endemic grape varieties of Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane, Khikhvi and Kisi. So, keep pouring that “ghvino”. Our hand-picked tours guarantee you that your experience at Georgia's wine capital does deserve a toast!

Tour 1
The first spot is Tsinandali Wine Cellar. Dubbed as the birthplace of the Georgian classical winemaking, Tsinandali Estate is a place where the first bottled wine appeared in the country. Tsinandali œnothèque boasts a ripe collection of over 1814 vintages, with the oldest bottle dating back to 1814.

Tisnandali Wine Cellar will be followed by the visit to the Shumi Winery. Here you will have a chance to explore a vineyard counting up to 800 vine varieties, a wine museum with exhibits of over 6000-years-old, an ethnographic house, a cellar and an œnothèque.

To see an authentic Georgian winemaking, you will stop at Teleda Orgo. The company is known for producing limited amounts of natural wine according to an age-old Qvevri tradition that foresees the wine fermentation process without any additives, artificial stabilizers or filters. This tour will end at Telavi Wine Cellar, which is one of the biggest companies in an entire Kahkheti region. Here you will get to cover a "Wine Route" - a journey which witnesses the entire wine production process from the vineyards to the winepress, then to the barrels and finally, the bottling.

Tour 2
The first destination is Alaverdi Monastery, famous for its ancient winemaking tradition dating back to the XI century. Here priests and monks have been involved in grape cultivation from the times when the monastery was accomplished. Visit to Alaverdi will be followed by exploring of the taste of biodynamic wine, as well as winemaking practice at Ruispiri. Long forgotten and ignored, this unique method cultivated by ancestors, has seen its first Georgian revival right here.

The tour will continue to Vardisubani village, where you'll witness the crafting of Qvevri - a clay vessel used for the preparation of traditional Georgian wine. You will also enjoy a Qvevri making masterclass, a craft that is over 8000-years-old.

A brilliant end of this fascinating day will be at Chateau Mere. You can relax in this beautiful mansion, enjoy breathtaking views over the Caucasus Mountains. This goes best with a glass of wine.

Tour 3
Gremi community is mobilized around organic farming with the help of 70 individuals with disabilities that live and work on the territory. The community aims for maximum production efficiency for its members' sake as it strives to reach financial security and independence.
Next, at the Chelti Winery, you will get a chance to savor over the ten varieties of wine made with both traditional and classical methods, get involved in bread baking, Qvevri opening, grape pressing and Churchkhela making.

Your final stop will be at the Kindzmarauli Corporation. During a small tour around the company's inner headquarters, you will be introduced to classical vs. bio wine production methods and taste various delicious wines all along the way.