Expedition Tours

Eastern Georgia offers lots of interesting experiences for lovers of history, culture and nature. Our expedition tours consist of impressive list of places to visit.
Tour 1
Vashlovani National Park is located in eastern Georgia andit covers 10,143 hectares. About half of the area is covered by forests, rivers, valleys and steppes. This protected area is a home to various species of birds, reptiles and fish. During the tour, you will visit impressive sights of the area.

Tour 2
Tusheti, located in the northeastern part of Georgia, is famous for its alpine meadows, picturesque views and unique medieval architecture. Travel to Tusheti for a two-day jeep tour and discover the real treasures of the Caucasus. On the first day you will pass the Abano mountain pass, which is at 2850 meters above the sea level and is the highest pass in Europe one can reach by road. After arriving in Omalo, the administrative center of Tusheti, you will visit Gometsri Valley and the surrounding villages. The next day you will leave for the villages of Diklo and Shenako, and in the afternoon you will return to our resort.