Hiking Tours

Tour 1
The trip takes place on one of the most beautiful mountains that surrounds Lopota Lake. During a refreshing walk through the nature, you will discover two hidden historical gems - the Churches of St. George and Sameba church. A trail is rather easy to pass and perfect for beginners.

Tour 2
A tour starts at the Gurgiani Information Centre and follows a path along Ninoskhevi riverbed. You will love the calming river sounds, the sight of water streams cascading above some giant stone formations and the feel of refreshing breeze against your skin. The hike’s highest point is at a 40-meter-tall Ninoskhevi waterfall - one of the most mesmerizing natural sights in Georgia. Be ready to spot a fawn, a deer or even a boar along the way. This is a mesmerizing walk.

Tour 3
A tour starts at the Lopota Resort and continues towards Didkhevi River. As you climb a mountain slope that gives way to the lush forest, the beauty of the surrounding natural scenery will flood all your senses. The hike crosses heavy woods where literally is hiding a historical Kokhta St. Mary Church. As you return to Pshaveli village, you will board a transport bound back to the resort.

Tour 4
The tour starts and ends at the Lopota Resort. As you follow the Eco trail through the woods and ascend towards the mountain top, you will marvel the breathtaking view of the Alazani Valley stretching from the hill crest. Something that words can’t describe.

Tour 5
With this tour, landscapes become more picturesque and trail difficulty increases as well. As you hike through the meadows and forests, you will reach one of Kahkheti's main sights - the beautiful Gremi Monastery. After a stop there, you will be driven back to the resort by a car. The tour is recommended for experienced hikers.

Tour 6
The tour combines extreme sports with hiking, as it starts with a 24 km quad bike ride that transforms into a pleasant stroll along the valley. You will get a chance to walk through a scenic landscape nestled among the mountains and ride across riverbeds for a truly memorable experience.