Expedition Tours

Tour 1
The Vashlovani National Park is situated in the Eastern Georgia, covering an arid landscape of the Shiraki Plain. This sprawling reserve stretches over 10,143 hectares, with roughly half of its territory covered by forests, river valleys and steppes. The park is also home to a rich fauna hosting an impressive variety of mammals, birds, reptiles and fish. The tour will take you through all impressive natural sights found within the area, including the fascinating view over Vashlovani desert.

Tour 2
Found in the Northeastern part of Georgia, Tusheti is famed for its alpine meadows, breathtaking views and unique medieval architecture.
Embark on this two-day jeep tour to experience the real treasure of the Georgian Caucasus. On the first day, you'll head towards amazing Abano Pass - the tallest drivable mountain in Europe, rising at 2850 meters above sea level. After arriving to Omalo, Tusheti's administrative centre, you'll visit Gometsri Valley and nearby villages. On a day two, you'll to explore villages of Diklo and Shenaqo and return to the resort by midday.