Air Tours

Tour 1 Air Balloon
Board a hot air balloon and be ready to fly straight up to your dreams! This magnificent aerial trip will take you over sweeping vineyards, villages and mountains as you hover along the trail of the Alazani River. This tour is perfect for absorbing much of Kakheti's landscapes in a short period of time.

Tour 2 Helicopter
Enjoy the astounding views of cliffs traversed by one of the world's dangerous car roads from the comfort and safety of your helicopter. This aerial trip will take you back in time to the places of unspeakable natural beauty, where mountaintops host villages that have yet to be touched by
civilization. As your helicopter touches down at the national park of Tusheti, the beauty of Omalo, Shenako and Diklo villages will overwhelm you.

Tour 3 Airplane
Board a Cessna and get ready to explore Kakheti from above. The route takes you from the skies of the Alazani Valley towards the very peaks of the Caucasus Mountains, where permanent snow blankets majestic slopes. Be prepared to witness an astounding visual spectacle during your flight.