Established in 2008 as a seven-room family hotel, Lopota Lake Resort & Spa was a pipe dream for the many; however, despite the skepticism, the visionary founder and owner, Goga Maisuradze has put a flesh on the concept and created a proudly Georgian independent brand.


Under the guidance of the owner family, Lopota Lake Resort & Spa was gradually developing. Outdoor and indoor swimming pools, mini-golf course, tennis courts, Adventure Center that offers guest various fascinating tours and many more entertaining facilities for adults and children have been added to the territory of the resort. Finally, the resort has made a name for being the major premium resort hotel in the country.


In 2019, the jewel of Lopota Lake Resort & Spa – Château Buera was opened, a real hub for wine-lovers. Château, with its breath-taking views to beautiful Caucasus mountains has become the most admired spot for guests from across the world, where they enjoy epic views while sipping the locally-made wine of amazing quality.


Today, Lopota Lake Resort & Spa is a renowned resort visited by tourists from all over the world. The resort currently comprises 186 spacious rooms spread out in 14 blocks around the private natural lake. The huge enclosed territory includes outdoor and indoor pools, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi, fitness center, restaurants, outdoor bungalows and bars, basketball and volleyball courts, mini golf course, fishing area, stable and horse-riding area, Lopota Forest Spa, Château Buera and many more entertaining facilities for adults and children.


Lopota Lake Resort & Spa, a pioneer resort in the country, is poised to continue expansion. In the near future, the resort will open a new upscale business hotel, professional indoor & outdoor tennis courts, water park & various entertaining facilities for children, jazz club, brewery, fish restaurant and many more fascinating spaces that will further strengthen the resort’s positioning as a major premium family resort not only in the country, but in the region and beyond.